I'm Andrew Thielking; a senior full stack software engineer and architect with over 10 years of experience. My experience is primarily in the Micosoft ecosystem and I'm available to provide high-quality custom software solutions for you or your business.

I've assisted multiple businesses with custom web applications, as well as created my own applications and websites for commercial and community use. Please contact me if there is an application or project you need help in building or delivering.



NSIP Search

I designed and delivered a solution for the National Sheep Improment Project (NSIP). The NSIP is an organization who's goal is to provide important genetic information and decision manking tools to the American Sheep Industry

The solution we created is an easy to use database of animals and their Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's), allowing farmers a fast and simple way to find breeding stock for their farms with the genetic traits they desire.

Skills: C#, .NET, Angular JS, SQL Server, Azure
Ace Calendar Logo

Ace Calendar

Ace Calendar is a custom scheduling product which I developed as a consultant, the product was designed with ease of use in mind with the requirement of 1 worker per job per day.

It features multiple views of your schedule, so you can view day, week, or month schedules. There is also a read-only view for workers to view their schedule on any particular day, and features subscription billing through the Stripe API

Skills: C#, .NET Core, Angular, SQL Server, Azure, Stripe Payments, SignalR, Project Management, Requirements Gathering
Classic Guild Bank Logo

Classic Guild Bank

I designed and developed a custom web application for the World of Warcraft: Classic community. It being used by over 62k people and solves the problem of not having a central 'Guild Bank' within the Classic version of World of Warcraft.

The solution was designed to utilize the in game Addon System for exporting character data, which is then uploaded by authorized members into the Classic Guild Bank website. Those members can then share public or private links with other guild members to view the available inventory and request items if needed.

Skills: C#, LUA, .NET Core, Angular, SQL Server, Azure, Discord, Community Engagement, Open Source

Technical Expertise


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Certified Azure Developer

Front End

HTML5, CSS3 (SASS, SCSS), Angular, ASP.NET MVC, Razor


Ionic, Cordova / Capacitor


Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Storage, S3

Build and Deploy

Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, Docker, Octopus Deploy


C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, T-SQL

Back End

.NET Core, ASP.NET Core WebApi, Entity Framework


Azure, AWS, Terraform

Development Practices

Unit Testing, Code Review, Git, TFS


Team Building, Mentoring

Contact Information

Do you have a project you need help developing? Do you have questions around cloud technologies or solutions? Do you want to discuss one of my above projects? Do you want to collaborate on a project of your own?

Please contact me using the contact information below, and I'll get back with you within 1 business day.